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Muslim Hip Hop Group’s Latest Music Video Showcases American Islam

Native Deen offers a look into American life in Ramadan, music option for Muslims

(Washington, D.C., 8/25/09) - As millions of American Muslims begin their holy month of fasting, Ramadan, a D.C.-area hip hop group is doing its part to help others stay in the true spirit of the season.

Native Deen, a fusion hip-hop group, today released the music video to its news song, “Ramadan is Here.” Like most of its other songs, Native Deen encourages Muslims to be devout but at the same time tries to address issues they face as Americans, such as peer pressure and ridicule.

In one verse, band member Naeem Muhammad describes his experience growing up in his Baltimore neighborhood while fasting: "My homies buying up the corner store. Now and Laters, quarter waters. We break at 8 but it's a quarter to 4…They got jokes, like, oh yeah he’s fasting. Something about blessings, Heaven everlasting. Asking, like the Feds up on me, ‘But dude, let me ask you for real, is you hungry?’”

SEE VIDEO: http://nativedeen.com/ramadan/thevideo.php

“We try to provide a fun, enjoyable music alternative to Muslims who wish to be true to their American identity, but want to follow the tenants of their religion,” said Abdul-Malik Ahmad. “In the video, we travel around the world meeting Muslims of different ethnicities and enjoy the unity and sense of brotherhood that Ramadan brings. In the end, however, we all come together to an American mosque based in Sterling, VA to showcase the new Muslim American culture that is emerging rapidly.”

The group, which has ranked as one of the Top 5 bands locally in its genre on MySpace, has inspired millions of people of all ages and ethnicities from around the world. Native Deen has toured more than 60 cities in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, promoting Islam and positive interfaith relations through its debut album, "Deen You Know" and latest album "Not Afraid to Stand Alone."

For more information on Native Deen, visit www.nativedeen.com .