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08 October 2015

‘Conscious Reboot’ now available!


Download it now:

The new album “Conscious Reboot” has been released. You can purchase it here. This album is a collection of songs and raps I have been writing for years. I was really able to focus on the production of this album, using some of the latest software and plugins now available. I had just as much fun producing this album as I had writing some of the songs. I had great help from producer Anas Canon for “Build the World Together” and DJ AQ Flow from Indonesia for “Toxic”. I am working with Zain Bhikha to do a cool remix to the song “Farewell to the World”.

The songs on this album address matters that affect us personally in our spiritual quest, as well as issues that affect our families, neighborhoods and communities. This album is not directed at any particular religious group or faith. The messages on this album also serve as a reminder to myself and others in hopes of raising our collective moral consciousness and transitioning our souls from darkness to light in this digital age.


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  1. Ammar Islam

    Al Salam alaikom wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh
    Im Ammar Islam
    I realy love the “Native Deen” Group and I love your song it is very nice
    I always lesten to your song in all time , and after sleep :-}
    I hope to meet you sometims to learn from you the realy Islam
    becuose in our country doesn’t know the realy meaning of Islam
    Thank you for Every thing you do..
    and in the end I will say
    Al Salam alaikom wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh….

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