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08 October 2015

DeenTV Update

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DeenTV is the ummah’s first online channel streaming the best halal entertainment 24/7 to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. DeenTV airs the most popular halal videos from around the world and is currently producing reality shows, documentaries, comedy and music videos that are focused on stories of Muslims living in modern society.

Over the last several years, DeenTV has produced tons of videos for you and over 13 hours of unique and exciting content for you and your family. We have been developing video ranging from music videos to talk shows. After several years of testing and researching, we are looking to narrow our scope and really focus on the videos you like. Inshallah we are planning an array of music videos and lyric videos from Native Deen songs as well as songs from other artists. We are looking to establish a studio where we can do more viral videos and episodes as well as professional quality series. If you have ideas for our DeenTV channel please let us know!


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