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08 October 2015

I Love When You Use Your Words

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This solo debut of mine has been a long time coming. My whole life I’ve enjoyed singing and performing. When ever I’d get in trouble at school or even at home, I’d get over it quickly by singing. My mom told someone once that to teach my younger brother she used illustrations, but for me she always used music. She taught me my multiplication facts by recording herself singing them using a tape recorder.
From a very young age I was introduced to inspirational and heartfelt music. My mom’s eclectic record collection and music taste of folk, jazz, soul, rock, and pop seemed to have forged my of own musical affinities. I can remember growing up with LPs of America, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Neil Young, and many other folk luminaries. So for me, creating an album of inspired folk rock songs, was like coming home. Even though the band I helped form, Native Deen, is known as a hip hop act. I’ve always managed to pen a few ballads for those albums as well. Many of my friends encouraged me to “not be afraid to stand alone,” and do a whole album of my own work.  So with the blessing of Native Deen I did just that. We are very much still a group, but this gives me a chance to see what my own efforts are worth. A chance for me to show what I bring to the table and what inspires me. A chance for you the listener, to get to know me better than ever before. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done, and hope to perform  these songs for you real soon.
salaams and keep the faith,

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