Lyrics – Conscious Reboot

All Lyrics written by Abdul-Malik Ahmad

  1. Build the World Together
  2. One Creator
  3. Speak Good or Keep Silent
  4. To Heaven
  5. I Don’t Drink
  6. Best of Planners
  7. Toxic
  8. When Times Are Rough
  9. Farewell to the World

Build the World Together

We got one mother and father
And one God up above us
Why we hating on each other?
Let’s build the world together
Build the world together

I remember I was young, this dude drives up
with his hand, forms a gun, and pretend shoots us
and kids in the neighborhood threw eggs at our home, I was
Bleeding with a black eye once they pelt me stones 

It’s because we were different, we were muslim and black
Fast forward several decades and now where are we at?
We got Ferguson, Charleston – Chapel Hill, Houston
Not easy being a Afro-American or Muslim

Hands up don’t shoot – black men don’t group us 
All in your mind what a few thugs do
And when a muslim a violent, then they label him a terrorist
But anyone else, oh he just needed a therapist

Stuff the news, is far from views 
of billions of Muslims so don’t be confused, Cause that
Only brings hate and the scariest fights!
We need this area wiped, of these stereotypes


Black people are lazy-they bring robberies and car chases 
Muslims are just violent, they kill people and a bomb places
Dude check your history – when Europe had the dark ages 
Africans and Muslims were scientists and star gazers 

Read about the African scholars of Timbuktu, There was
Knowledge and prosperity where Africans ruled 
Algebra and Algorithms, that we still use, Were of the 
many things discovered by Muslims- to name a few

In Africa, Christians and Muslims were happy neighbors, With the
Muslims in Spain, is when the Jewish golden age was
Read about Najashi, the African Negus
Cause enlightened were the African and Muslim nations, More.. 

We learn about each other, more we use respect
and wont be swayed by the biases the news projects 
Cause Islam Christianity and Jews connect, 
And every race, all of humanity – lets move ahead!


Don’t be a part of their game,
Of dishonor and shame,
Cause love is stronger than pain
Lets push on for the change.

One Creator

There is no doubt in mind, mind that He’s there…
Know for certain my Lord up above He’s aware….
The night may be long, so sure the sun will appear
My heart’s is calm with the faith that I know that he hears

All praise to the One Creator, to our Lord Most High (4x)

There is no doubt in mind, mind that He’s near…
I know for certain my Lord up above that he cares….
The signs of his glory and power I see everywhere
No doubt with His mercy, I will never despair


Bro, look around you, there is nothing that astounds you?
Just use the brain that He gave that you’re bound to
Realize how wildly impossible the chances
Just ask any scientist, how complex your mind is

You can have doubts on what is and what isn’t true
But think beyond the physical, to a world spiritual,
You cant know God just by graduating physics school
Gotta use the mind, but the heart is where He visits you

Where is He then why is He trying to hide from us?
Humble yourself dude, search like Columbus
We hardly even see all the galaxy’s among us.
He is greater than the whole universe, He’s tremendous


You asking now, let me see a miracle
Something like what happened in the days of the biblical
Part the red sea God – once so its clear its You
We all will believe with some evidence empirical

Past are the days of Moses and Yusuf,
If He gives us a brain He expects us to use it,
Would science develop if miracles were numerous
We’d all just be waiting on God to produce it

Wait, check the miracle of life
The miracle of sound, the miracle of sight
Ask any mom, about the miracle of love,
We see more miracles now than there ever was!


What about disasters, those innocent children?
If God wasn’t distant. He sure would protect them,
Death ain’t the end though, just the beginning
They’re up in heaven, its a test for the living

Were living in a matrix, the real deal is heaven
We see three dimensions, but not the other seven
Y’all are cashing out now, for no reason
When science has proven there is more to believe in

Our grave’s a cocoon, right now were a caterpillar
Thinking that we rule, forgetting that we gotta a better
life coming soon, a butterfly on the other side
living right, praising God, then we live forever

Speak Good or Keep Silent

Yeah, I was chilling with my old crew
Couple guys came to down, hang out like we used to
We started talking about some brothers that we all knew
What they all doing now, stuff they be up to

So they asked me about a brother that I knew, I said
let me not start, cause the brother’s got issues
I should have stopped there and tried changed the subject
But their eyes lit up like they hadn’t had enough yet.

I started talking about brother, how he’s this and that
Lex Luther mind-set, gossip like kryptonite
Its a drug and people love to inhale
But this kinda intel, will only put you in hell.

Why’d I have to say that, gotta find a way that my words need to stay back.
I know that was not right, should of had a stop-light, didn’t need to backbite
Speak good or keep silent – That’s what the Prophets said
Speak good or keep silent – That’s what the Prophets said

Now I only spoke the truth, at least what I knew of it.
I tried to be fair not to paint him a Hooligan.
But like that game “telephone”, truth is never left alone,
we relish in embellishing everything that we pass along.

They passed it on – facebook, twitter…
Misuse of these makes devil’s playbook bigger…
Cause I found out later I had the wrong info
Was stuff that I didn’t know, it wasn’t that simple…

But now its too-late, my words spreading like cancer
Destroyed the brother’s honor, cause I tried to be gangsta
Imagine on Qiyyama, the brother says – thanks bro…
For giving me your good deeds, and now I’m left blank…oh


Many take it lightly, I’m very concerned though,
Angels they be writing, inside of they journal
Forgiveness I do plead, then fix with it good deeds
And quickly before I end up inside an inferno

Speak good or keep silent
My hands maybe calm but my tongue was straight violent.
Now I try imagine my brother like he was right there
So if I say anything bout him he would not care

He would just smile, knowing well that I held back
You could never tell that, we got issues to nail out
keep it anonymous, unless its an necessity,
But be careful though, cause thats how the devil he gets the best of me.


To Heaven

See living in this age
One has many temptations
No matter the age, hon, big or small

Were swimming upstream
We dodging much sin
But there’s always something
That makes us fall

But your my little girl
And there is nothing in the world that
would make me happier
If God loves you more

Cause heaven is forever
Where everything is pleasure
And I pray were all together.
Let’s make it there for sure

Lets just try to get to Heaven
Where there’s joy that never will end
We get whatever we imagine
I just want you there in Heaven, I want you there in Heaven

Cause living in this age
One has the innovations
To do so many great things every day

Apps you can download
Some of them will now show
Where to give some charity
Remind you to pray

Cause there will be a day
Where we’ll look at our scale
Instantly we’ll know
If we passed or failed

So if you do a bad deed,
Ask Him for mercy
Then flip it with a good deed
wipe it away


Dream anything and you got it,
Lamborghini Bugatti
yeah, tell me what you imagine
How bout riding a dragon,

I’m thinking I want like a Jurassic park
And a bat mobile- be like Tony Stark
I’ll fly your home like Superman, But I can..
kick like Bruce Lee ‘n Jackie chan,

Whats your plan, to be made in heaven
Cause a righteous youth is a shaded 7
Read the hadith (Traditions) – it is there sahih (authentic)
Live righteously – we’ll will stay forever.. Good

Deeds we got verses sins we brought, will…
decide for eternity the spot that we got
Don’t stop Salat (prayer), and do Sadaqah (Charity) and
Do the best we can, before He stops the clock

I Don’t Drink

17 you’re a freshman, your roommate asks you a question
You wanna go get some alcohol, I know a place where we get some,
He knows you know it’s illegal, but that pressure changes some people
And the media tells you that alcohol must not be something that evil

Maybe them but that’s not you, be a slave you don’t got to
And the prison of the mind is worse than any penitentiary that they caught you
Glad you made your own mind up, cops won’t have you lined up
For the future bro, let everybody know, I’mma say it now to remind them…


I don’t drink!
Tell them I don’t drink!
Just say I don’t drink!
Tell them I don’t – I don’t drink!
Tell them I don’t drink,
I gotta drive to succeed
I need my mind the think.

When you’re drunk you’re a punk, your breath stunk like a skunk
See how low that you sunk, you don’t even know what you want
Like a zombie you’re wobbling you’re mumbling you’re stupid
You’re vomiting, no comedy, you’re probably lost and clueless

Look at these jokers, drinking that bogus
living atrocious, losing they focus
they are killing their liver with inner cirrhosis
hitting their women and getting divorces

Live in the real, not in a fiction
caught up in jail, or fighting addiction
leaving a trail of pain and affliction,
I’m saying it clear, better be listening!


Liquor store on the corner, keeping us in a coma
You gotta go buy our alcohol cause you can’t have fun being sober
But the companies never reveal, all of the millions that have been killed
all of the violence that it instills, and its super addictive appeal,

Why atrophy my faculties, that baffles me I got to be
Sober everyday, I’m living happily no apathy.
You can have a blast with me, and drunk you you do not have to be
You heard it, I done said it, all my people repeat after me.


Friday night and Saturday,
You’re stuck in a bar, right around the way
It’s norm in our society, but it brings depression, anxiety
Its there addiction begins, cause they think that it’s just innocent
but it’s like a demonic possession that’s why they calling it "spirits" and "jinn"

They say it’s fine but they really don’t know
They wanna get high but they really go low,
Loosing they minds they be loco so
When they ask you to try – let them know…


Best of Planners

We plan and we plan but our Lord is the best of the planners
We do what we can but we all understand what matters
Its our faith in Him (2x)

I thought, I had it all figured out
Knew the game plan inside and out
But now I’m sitting here on the couch
Thinking, "how on earth did this fall out"?

I’m trying to focus and regroup
Cause that kinda threw me for loop
Slowly coming to terms with the truth
That my game plan, came down in one fell swoop!

But it’s all been written,
If I’m righteous livin’
I trust that my Lord,
Has something better in store,
a better reward than what I was thinking.


I’m starting to getting all jittery, thinking that everything falling and breaking
And thinking that that nothing could ever be better than all of the strategies that I’ve been making
And wondering why is this happen to happen while all of the people are looking and watching,
I’m thinking of stopping I’m thinking of quitting and putting a nail in the coffin…

But wait and contemplate, and remember I know my Lord is great
No matter all the weight, I gotta be thinking straight,
And remember a loving God he controls our fate.

But it’s all been written,
If I’m righteous livin’
I trust that my Lord,
Has something better in store,
a better reward than what I was thinking


No more worry all night –
My heart is calm, knowing everything will be fine
Keep moving on.

Just a little bit a time, I and I’ll understand
In the mean time, I’ll submit to what he planned

Yeah! And it all comes together now
Its amazing at the eleventh hour
That my lord had a better plan
For me to better man

But it’s all been written,
If I’m righteous livin’
I trust that my Lord,
Has something better in store,
a better reward than what I was thinking



I walk into the store, going to get food the family, but
So much is unhealthy, it really overwhelms me!
Im quick to reach and grab the stuff they pack on the shelf
And when I flip and read the back, the stuff’s attacking my health

With sweeteners and sugar, high-fructose corn syrup
Chemicals that I’m concerned of, yo I’m about to throw-up!
It makes me sick what these execs. try to sell us
It might kills us, but they never gonna tell us,

But every year more and more are get diseases
People get obese and increases diabetes
The poor suffer more, cause this the food is cheapest
With additives in everything meat-subs from pizzas

Check the pills that we bought when we got sick
See the deals that they got for the profit
I get chills from thought how they got rich
We gotta stop this! Yeah we gotta stop this!


Oh yeah they process and then they box it,
And sell it to us knowing that its toxic,
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic

Oh yeah they process and then they box it,
And we purchasing it knowing that its toxic,
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic
Knowing that its Toxic, Toxic

We buy meat, but don’t get peek how they treat them
The trash that they feed them, the shacks that they keep them
Infection is frequent with no place to free run
Inject them with antibiotics when disease comes

Pumping hormones so they animals produce more
Spray em, so they lasting longer in food store
They are making mucho dinero, no excuse for
Poisoning our people, why we taking this abuse for?

The FDA makes it hard to respect them
Approving chemicals but do they really check them?
Millions get sick every year from infections
We got the next-gen, in the wrong direction

Girls in elementary, enter into puberty
Growing rate of allergies, now affecting you and me,
You know that I’d be glad to be, that fighter with strategy
So vocal now I gotta be, because you are all my family


When we push them, what’s their answer, these are only rumors, what?
Have you heard of cancer, millions getting tumors
But we cant just blame the man cause, when we are the consumers
And money’s in our hands and to use it now behooves us

Nice, I see these stores they selling more stuff organic
But prices seem to soar which makes a poor person panic
If the choice is paying more I’m pretty sure they’ll won’t add it
Then diseases rises easy in the Blacks and Hispanics

We need to do this, like they did to big tobacco
If the studies are conclusive, put a warning on packs so
Any one that views it right away they will in fact know
Like sugar is abusive makes the whole body wacko!

Many time you and I are the culprit
Let’s preach upon the pulpit, right inside our own crib
Cause now we see obesity arise in three year old kids,
So I’ll unleash the beast in me so everybody knows this!

When Times Are Rough

Young soul leaving home all alone
Set a sail on this trip called life
All alone with you new found freedom
No folks saying wrong or right

Now your chilling with your new found crew
You gotta swag like them young bucks do
You stop praying and wanna cut loose
And forgetting everything your faith taught you

So now everything cool smooth sailing
Suddenly things start failing
Your crew jumps ship and your friends start bailing
Alone in the dark, and now your begging

Oh lord I need you now
Oh lord please help me out


I don’t want to be the one who only prays when times are rough
Crying begging Lord please console me and let me feel Your love.
If I really truly loved Him purely I’d glorify Him much
I’d follow everything He told me – be sure to stay in touch.

Our lord is full of mercy, so the storm He clears away
On course eventually, but the spirit wears away

Everything is once again the same
Not time to reflect on why you’re here
He ask too much, too much you claim
It’s your life and now you wish to steer

Suddenly now the trip’s cut short
And your short little voyage is soon to end
So lost, you try to call your lord,
Hoping now He gonna be your friend

Saying oh Lord, forgive me my sins
Oh Lord, please let me in!


Our Lord doesn’t need our prayers,
We need Him
We know that He always hears
But we just don’t think

It’s to our own detriment, that we stay out of touch
But he is so beneficent, keeps trying to wake us up.
Cause faith is a miracle, when it there full time
Imma pray on the regular, through rain or shine


24434 people praying it
Work, school, when i play, no delaying it
Cut through the stress of the day like a bayonet
Doctors, therapists, everybody’s saying it

Stress, anxiety making people overdose
Taking all these remedies  just to end up comatose
Prayer is the therapy that no one knows
If you do it right its like you’re chilling in the Poconos

Yeah I be feeling stress-free,
I’m calling on my lord I’m praying he will bless me
Classroom, office don’t matter where the place be
Keep in touch in good times, he’s there when it crazy.

Yeah, be blessed when I  don’t stop
Meditate and supplicate and calling on the Most High
I call the line anytime cause He’s close by
Its peace of mind yeah its worth it bro, just go try.


Farewell to the World

One shinning day,  was if time froze
Thousands await, as the Prophet rose
Did the mountains tremble, from the weight of these words?
Cause Till now we remember, his farewell to the world.

He said 
Oh people, please lend an ear, Cause I
don’t know if I’ll be with you after this year
listen closely to these words I will say
Convey them to those who could be not here today – that’s you and I 

As he spoke the people listened in awe
He began by thanking and praising God, then he said
Oh people, the life of each one
Is as sacred as holy as this land in this month 

Do not hurt others and no harm comes to you
Cause one day you’ll return to your Lord for what is due
Oh people, be fair and be just
With the property of all those who give you their trust

And leave all users, this money from loans
Never harm people with money, just keep what you own
Cause In things that are major, Satan knows that he fails
But beware of the devil in little details 


As for women, they have rights over you
To provide for their needs and let your kindness ensue
They are your partners, so watch what you do
They too should faithful and always be true.

Oh people, worship your Lord
Pray five times a day, and fast Ramadan
And give in charity, what you can afford
And the pilgrimage to mecca, if indeed you can 

And of Mankind is from Adam and Eve
None of you are better – except in good deeds
and no others over Arabs, no Arab over others, 
No white – we’re all sisters and  brothers


Oh people, one day you’ll will meet your Lord,
So respect each others property, what’s yours is yours
And remember there will be a day you’ll stand with your deeds
So dont stray from the path of God after I leave.

Oh people, no new prophet will come
No new faith will be born, after this one
And I leave you two things, you never will stray
The Holy Quran and the example I laid

Its the Holy Quran and the guidance I gave 
So pass these words to those not here today
And may the last one who hear, grasp it better this way
Oh Lord bear witness, I have conveyed!!