Lyrics – The Remedy

  1. Bismillah
  2. Only Fear Allah
  3. Mercy to Mankind
  4. Packed at All
  5. Greatest One
  6. My Faith My Voice
  7. The Remedy
  8. Ahad – The Story of Bilal
  9. Hungry Ones
  10. Ramadan is Here
  11. Ya Taybah
  12. Gaza
  13. My Lord
  14. I am Near
  15. Our Earth

Bismillah (In the name of God)
Allahu Akbar (God is the Greatest)
Alhamulillah (Praise be to God)
Rab Al-Alameen (Lord of all Creation)

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They telling me to stay quiet
Don’t blow the whistle, deny it
They”re threatening me so I hide it
But see right now I have decided…

I only fear my Lord Allah (4x)
Only Allah

There used be a time when I was crazy afraid
To stand for my justice – speak up and be brave,..
Just be quiet and behave, don’t go starting a wave,
The leaders they be cheaters and my people enslaved
Now I’m stronger, awake from a slumber
Injustice no longer, For freedom a hunger
You don’t need to wonder, Imma be the one to
Want to bring a thunder,  Gonna bring a thunder

Fight the corruption, spark an eruption
Wont turn a blind eye to all your destruction
And I will never put you higher than my Lord,
With Him is my reward, and with this I’m reassured


I swear by the one who holds my soul.
I fear not these threats that I’ve been told
You may think right now your in control
But Allah knows the things you’ll never know.

As I open this message, mom says is nonsense
To think that this live will be changed by a kid.
Now it is our day, and you know we’re not afraid
With empty hands and open mind, will lead them all
to a better way…

My enemy is chuckling because me knees are buckling
They took all of my weapons so Im just left with my knuckles then
They know that I’m afraid of all the power that they got
And the people on the street that try to speak gonna get shot

We ain’t got a lot, hope for freedom’s all we got
Revolutions can’t be stopped, coming like a juggernaut!
We tried every way, they don’t hear what we say
Allah hears when we pray, peace and justice today

We stand as your equal, power to the people
Commanding what is right and forbidding what is evil
Tempted to run, when they come with them guns
but I’m standing here cause I fear only one


I’m thinking about the people who were so willing to represent, l
Some of them giving their lives, spreading the truth wherever they went
Bringing the freedom to they Land, whatever they do their faith is strong
Keeping in real, never they scared, Only the Lord did they fear

Release from the jaws of this creep and his flaws
policing the laws, my people at loss.
Now deep in our hearts, we keep with the cause
In peace in do I march and we reach for the stars.

Call me a hater, a rebel, a traitor
But every dictator, there is one who is greater
Threatening my friends, my life, my job,
But you know I will not bend, cause I only fear Allah!

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Mawlaya Salli Wassalim da-Iman Abadan
Ala Habi Bika Khairil Khalqi Kullimi (2x)
(O my Lord send peace and blessings upon your Beloved (PBUH)
The best of all creations.)

Have you read about the time, he stepped from his house,
There was trash at his door
Calmly he gathered trash that was scattered,
But every day there was more.

But one day it was missing, so he went to visit
that neighbor was ill
The neighbor, amazed at the kindness displayed
Despite all the trash he would spill

Or what about the time when he came to a town,
in hope of spreading this word
But the leaders sent the children to to chase and to and stone him
Till he bleeding and hurt.

But he was given the choice, that this town be destroyed
But our Prophet refused
He said I hope for the children, will one day be given
this guidance the light they will choose

He was a mercy, a mercy to all of mankind
He was a mercy, a mercy to all of mankind
He was a mercy, a mercy to all of mankind
He was a mercy, a mercy to all of mankind
He was Rahmatan, Rahmatan lilalameen,
He was Rahmatan, Rahmatan lilalameen,

Did you hear about the time, he saw a bird in distress
Her young ones were taken away
He ordered the man to return all of them
And taught not treat them this way

Or what about the time, he was given some lamb by this lady one time
But as he started to eat, he was warned of the meat,
the lady put poison inside.

When they brought her to him, he asked her the truth
She admitted what she had done
But despite her behavior, the prophet forgave her
His kindness would shine like the sun

So many stories, his justice and mercy
He grace all   we can see
At conquest of Mecca, the foes who had fought him
he said, you all be free, be free.


Lately people talking, stuff about my Prophet
They see our numbers rising, so they make him a target,
Agitate the Muslims, get money in their pocket
We just work to spread the truth and make sure people got it.

Like how he treated neighbors with all the love and care,
Examples that he gave us, to be honest and fair.
How to be forgiving, respecting every faith
Giving rights to the women, at war how to behave

The women and the children and every innocent
Should be protected no matter how oppressed we get
So we know they’re saying stuff about the Prophet that ain’t true
They did that at the prophets time so this ain’t nothing new

Did he worry what the people said after he passed
Or was he more concerned about us doing what he asked
Do our deeds tell the story of the man he was
A Mercy to Mankind, lets show the world his love


Mawlaya Salli Wassalim da-Iman Abadan
Ala Habi Bika Khairil Khalqi Kullimi (2x)
(O my Lord send peace and blessings upon your Beloved (PBUH)
The best of all creations.)

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My life line’s worn with travel, I venture near and far
My passport pages are peppered with the borders I have crossed
But none of these journeys compared to my life’s long
My departure could be here tomorrow, but I bared packed at all
And I haven’t packed at all

This life, these dreams, will I be lost to them all
My departure could be here tomorrow, and I barely packed at all
And I haven’t packed at all. (2x)

For a trip, I pack every gadget, to make me comfortable
Waterproof WIFI and GPS, yeah, you know I got it all.
But what can I take with me when I go to meet my Lord?
My bags lay wide open, barely packed at all.
And I haven’t packed at all.


I’m running out of time, but what is holding me back, holding me back
Death is coming, down that line, but what is holding me back holding me back
I’mma pursue my dreams, but won’t forget why he made me
I’m doing both till the day, He comes calling me back home, home.


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Who’s the Greatest One
Created the Sun
Who do we bow to
We worship only You

If I told you once, I told you twice
SO you know that I’m loving life
And I love both of my sons
And I love everyone

I remember the days
The 15th of September and May
My Sons were born what could I say
‘Cause they took my breath away

They were so healthy and strong
I pray that I raise them right not wrong
And thats why I made this song
So now you can sing along


I bet you did not know
That my sons have got the glow
SO every place that we go
I watch as my sons grow

Ima play with them in the park
Hide and go seek in the dark
Ima be a good Dad from the start
‘Cause my sons are in my heart

Catching butterflies in a jar
And I will never be too far
“cause they’re my shining stars
And I love ’em just the way they are


I got branches on my family tree
never thought it could happen to me
Ima teach ’em to be all they can be
Graduate and get a college degree

Ima take the good with the bad
If they get in trouble I will be sad
Ima do me best not to get that mad
Im just happy to be a Dad

Ima be there number 1 toy
‘Cause they’re my pride and joy
They’re my baby boys
And you know those are my baby boys


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Me, my community we work hard,
Every opportunity to break walls,
The fight the lunacy that they cause,
Respect here to you and me, the same God.

Giving you the right facts, we keep repeating that Islam has been hijacked,
we ain’t like that,
Then some lunatic goes on a rampage,
Using violence and I’m outraged

These is senseless, and its gruesome,
Please don’t let this, be a Muslim.
awww maaan… We’re all vilified,
Islam, barbaric, uncivilized

Islam means peace? na thats a front
Its all a deceit, till they get what want
Dont trust them, even the nice ones
Wait till the bite comes – Mike Tyson

Not fair. The KKKs, Timothy McVeighs,  Militia Brigades, the old crusades,
they’re all renegades, from the faith that you claim, Its them we should blame.
I dont blame you, You should refrain to.
Believe when we say that it aint true.

I know what they call us, uh huh
They try to blame all us,
But I know the prophet lived and I know what he taught us

I know what they call us, uh huh,
They try to blame all us, uh huh
But I know how the Prophet lived, and I know what he taught us, uh huh.
Its my faith, my voice,
My faith, my voice,
Don’t care what they say, this is my voice‚Ķ.
My faith, my voice.

Come your invited to get the whole picture
Nothing hiding, here’s a free scripture
We ain’t gonna hurt you, or try to convert you
Just so you know how easily they tricked ya

That all us Muslims are those 19 men
Don’t build that mosque cause it might be them
Its the same kinda talk of a bin Laden
Get’em – guilt by association

Mosques being vandalized, cats being stabbed at night
The bigots and racist like zombies they come to life
But instead of all the hate, lets join the same team
I love this land, my people, our dream

Go use the same steam, for youth to stay clean
Our earth to stay green, we want the same thing
‘Stead of burning books, extinguish disease
Help spark the flame to help children in need

You can be your faith, I can be mine
Lets live in peace, ma’asalaam
Peace all the time, for all of mankind,
thats on my mind. my masterplan


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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah
Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,
La illaha illiallah, Muhammadur Rasulillah
(There is no one worth to be worshiped except God and Muhammad is his Messenger)

Ya Allah (Dear God) You are..
Al-Malik (The King)
Al-Awal (The First)
Al-Khaliq (The Creator)
Al-Akhir (The Last)
Al-Qabid (The One who Moderates)
Al-Khafid (The One who Humbles)
Ar-Razzaq (The Provider)
Al-Fattah (The One who opens his Mercy to Mankind)
Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiving)
Al-Qahhar (The Subduer)
Al-Mu’ahkir (The One who gives us time to repent for our sins)
Al-Musawwir (The One who molds great beauty)
Al-Muhaymin (The Guardian)
Al-Muqadim (The one who delays punishment)
Al-Hadi (The Guide)
As-Salaam (The Source of Peace)
Al-Baqi (The Everlasting One)
Al-Rahman (The Most Forgiving)
Al-Mani (The One who prevents harm to come to those who ask)
Al-Haleem (The Forbearing)
Al-Wasi (The All-Comprehending)
Al-Kareem (The Most Generous)

Yah Allah (Dear God)

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See, I was born in enslaved, these men they bought and sold me
They found me well-behaved, their reason would control me
This creed, this land, these stones, they had become my master
But doubt lived in my soul, these Gods – they could not answer

But then one day I heard, about this pious man
Who spoke amazing words, I’ll meet him when I can
It all makes sense to me now, I feel my soul revive
I have the true faith inside, there is only one God…


Oh now they’re me dragging me, into this scorching heat!
Endlessly lashing me, they want to see me beat
They place these boulders on me, they try to crush my spirit,
But don’t really know me, I stay so strong and bear it,

They hope and pray I’m weak, na my blood is African
I found the truth I seek, I’ll wont go back again
Unshakable belief, I endure this suffering
My heart will always beat, with one word that flows within


His word was true again, my voice is strongest now
With freedom I ascend, atop this sacred house
I am the chosen one, to call this land to prayer
No mind this native’s tongue, God knows that I’m sincere

My voice will rise the masses, bring light upon their face
So know under the darkest ashes, there is a glowing blaze
There is only one God, lets reignite the flame
This message in my heart, this word my every vein…

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Somewhere in a place close by, there’s a mother with child with tears in her eyes
Somewhere else there a boy on street with no food there to eat and he trying to survive
Another place theres father of five but he can’t get food cause the bombs in the sky
Somewhere there’s senior now who is all out of food and  her car won’t drive

But we take this food were blessed with, and we throw it half away
We see there’s so much wasted, that could help so much today
Cause I know we take for granted, a warm meal, clean cup to drink
This silver plate we’re handed, maybe once we should stop and think

We don’t know where the hungry ones have to go.
We don’t see what hungry ones have to eat
We don’t feel what the hungry ones feel at night
And we don’t hear, when they pray everything’s gonna be alright

Be alright, Be alright,
I’m gonna try to help things be alright.

So that mother she’ll beg on the street to get something to eat, so her baby wont cry
And the kid he will search through the garbage of food we discarded, just to get by
And the father sprints through explosions just to get a loaf and praying he wont die
And the senior walks to a shop, yo for over 10 block in the middle of the night!

So few have our luxury, to have food any kind of way
So many now would love to be, just able to have one meal a day
But we act so wastefully, God knows how our day will end
and how honored their place will be, he hears when they pray to him.
pray to him, pray to him, he hears when they pray to him.


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Ramadan is Here (4x)

Yo they sighted the moon, its Ramadan! Now I gotta plan, before it’s come and gone
Getting close to Allah, spend a lot of time. Check the condition of my heart, like a sonogram

Uh… Everybody knows that we gotta fast. But does everybody know how the time is passed?
Is it sleeping all day and the night’s a blast? And forgetting the reward of the month is vast?

I know you gonna wake-up, right. Drinking water maybe bean-pie, praying at sunrise….
Fast in the day, keeping that deen tight. Breaking fast with some dates, taraweeh at night

Alright… it’s a blessed month. It doesn’t mean at iftar, that you can’t have fun,
But strive in your heart, for your Lord the one, And be blessed by Allah, when the month is done.


Four minutes left, Mom busts in the door, like… Get yourself up, you about to miss Suhur
Turkey bacon on the plate but I’m beefing. I’m up here sleeping, when they down here eating.

Scenes like this, it makes me reminisce what it meant growing up with Ramadan as a kid.
My homie’s buying up the corner store. Now or later, quarter waters,
We break at eight but its quarter to four.

They got jokes, like oh yeah he’s fasting. Something about blessings, heaven everlasting
Asking like the Feds up on me, But dude, let me ask you for real, is you hungry?

A hunger for the day when the sins on my slate be as empty as the food on my plate.
And if you got jokes, man here is a taste. Take a little fasters breath to the face.


Ramadan vibrations, more donations. Dinner invitations, many supplications
Good behavior means better reputations. Don’t start nothing, no provocations

No fighting no argumentation. From the fitna and the drama, take a vacation
Mosque is packed with a huge congregation. Some just come as an annual visitation

Some just come for the hum of the recitation. Memorization of revelation,
Less temptation, with more contemplation. Getting ready for the Eid celebration

Shake a lot of hands giving salutations, Salaam Alaykums, peace upon the nation
The world is one, forget the segregation. Another Ramadan congratulations!!


It’s here, time for Ramadan,
It’s here, time for Ramadan,
Let’s go, its time for Ramadan!
Let’s go, its time for Ramadan!

It’s here, time for Ramadan,
Time to fast, time for Ramadan,
Let’s go, its time for Ramadan!
Get up, Get up! Get up, Get up! Come on!

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I’m living in America now
Got that Muslim American Style
But my heart is with the city of Prophet, gettin’ to Medinah some how

Will I make it? I really don’t know
I made my niyyah to go
Its in my plan if its in the Plan of Allah then He will make it so

Ya Tayba, Ya Tayba
Ya Taiba Ya Taiba Ya Dawal Aiyyaana
Shtiknaa Lak Wilhawana Daana
Oh Tayba, Oh Tayba (another name for the city of Madinah)
Oh cure of the patient
We miss you, and our passion to visit you has called us to you

Last Messenger of Allah
Send peace and blessing on him now
At least once in my life I’m gonna get to Medinah somehow
When I make it, I’m gonna pray close
Thank Allah for the Prophet that He chose
For the Book of Guidance when I recite it the love in my heart grows


I believe that the days gonna come
Mecca and Medinah, I’ll be looking upon
Its the place where I really feel safe so I race to the blessings I wanna get some

Stack ’em up till they reach to the sky
Holding tears ’cause I don’t wanna cry
So many years I been trying to get year and I ‘aint gonna stop its a must that I try

This city of Medinah is blessed
Emanating light all the way to the west
You know we do what he did and we say what he said ’cause we know that his way is the best

Focusing on his life is the key
Learning all about his qualities
He was honest, loving, showed compassion and that how I wanna be


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In the morning sky, before sunrise
Under her watchful eye, they make it through another night
And as the dawn subsides, and her children rise
Will they wake to freedoms light, or is justice too blind

To have seen, that what’s been done
Its to much to bear by anyone
And to have seen, that what’s been done
And to not help and just to stall, it’s a shame upon us all.

Gaza, let me put my arms around you
Lift you to the stars
and watch you fly away, fly away

Gaza, although I’m there with you
I’ll never forget to,
Work for better, Work for better days

Better days, yeah.

And as her day rolls by, she’s focused on how to survive
With every step of every stride, her head is held up with pride
But look into her eyes, her children’s lives
How they find a will to survive,
When freedom’s denied.

And they see that what’s been done
Its to much to bear by anyone
And to have seen, that what’s been done
And to not help and just to stall, it’s a shame upon us all.


Though I’m not there with you now,
Aint no way no how, that I’m gonna let you down
With everything that I am, Imma do the best that I can
Until your able to stand.

And as the day turns to night, and the call of the prayer recites
Prayer’s their only source of light,
In the darkness of the night
And as she sings her kids to sleep
Praying that their dreams will be sweet
Cause dreams are last retreat from reality


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I don’t know what I’m gonna do
If I don’t stay in touch with you
I know my life will fall apart
If I don’t keep you in my heart
You’ve protected me since I
Can remember and that’s why
I never want to go astray
But its a struggle every day

Oh I love You Oh I love You
I’m always
Thinking of You Thinking of You
‘Cause You’re my Lord

I can feel it right now
While I’m here in my prayers
Even though I don’t see You I know that You’re there
You’ve never let me down though I’ve failed many times
I know I need to get my life right, but I’m running out of time


How long will it take for me to see
That Your love is all I need
When I feel I can’t get by
You are right there by my side


You know I need to stop and give a little thought
And contemplate and think about these blessings that You’ve brought
My Lord, You give a lot, it seems that I’ve forgot
And I’m always getting caught in worldly things I’ve got
But now I’m feeling sure, my love for You is pure
I feel it in my heart and my faith is now restored
I’m seeking your reward and to get Your mercy poured
On this servant that loves You ’cause indeed You are my Lord


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Ya Allah – Subhannahu wa ta’alla (Glorious and exalted)
Ya Allah – Samee’ Li-duana (The One who hears our prayers)
My Lord – I know that you hear me
Ya Rabbi (oh My Lord) – Cause He says

When they ask about me, my servants, I am near
Have no doubts about me,  and know I hear your prayer
Take one step towards me, and I’ll come running to you
Just have faith and believe, and know I listen to you

Allahummah (Dear God) creator of the universe, maker of this living earth
Greater than we comprehend

Allahummah your the King of all Kings, created all things
On you we all depend.

Allahummah please forgive me my sins,  my heart to be cleansed,
My soul purified, Ameen!

Allahummahaa protect me desires that lead to the fire,
Its you who provides, Ameen!

Allahummah help the Muslims of world,  give them joy, give them love.
Every boy every girl, Ameen!

Allahummun now this prayer I made,, just to you I prayed
Cause indeed you said…


Allahummah let my people understand me,
Guide my neighbors, co-workers
the human family. Ameen!

Allahummah help my people up in Palestine,
Who be dying,
Oppressed all the time, Ameen!

Allahummah give the folks in my community, unity
and help our youth to succeed, Ameen!
Allahummah bless my mother and father, my sisters and brothers
my wife and my daughter, Ameen!

Allahummah bless this group Native Deen, help us stay on the path
Siratal Mustaqim, Ameen!

Allahummah now this prayer I made, just to you i prayed
cause indeed you said.


Call on God, He is glorified,
We call him a lot but you don’t even try

Call on God, you want to know why,
Should I even call and will he reply

Call on God, raise your hands high
He wants you to call him every day and night

Call on God, he hears when you cry,
He made it a promise and he would never lie.

Allah ya Rabbi, Ya Rabb
Help me increase my Iman (faith)
Allah ya Rabbi, Ya Rabb
Help me have faith in your plan
Allah ya Rabbi, Ya Rabb
Your blessings please never stop
Allah ya Rabbi Ya Rabb
Grant me peace in my heart!


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It’s is said in traditions in the past
We’re made from the dust upon the earth
You and I one day we’ll be asked
How each day we treated her

How we are ruining her face, by the trees cut down just out of greed
How we put poison into her veins , we polluted the rivers and the seas
Now she is struggling to breath, the air we’ve spoiled, made a storm
And the fever that I know she feels, our earth heats beyond the norm

Oh how will she receive us, on the day we are laid to rest
Forgive us oh Lord, for what we’ve done to our earth

What have we done to our Earth
When will we open out eyes
And change the way we live our lives
Your Earth, My Earth, Our Earth, Our Earth.
Tierra, Prithvi, Jahan, Ziemia, Bumi Kita, Duniya, Turkish, Zamin, Ardina
(“Our Earth” or “Earth” in Spanish, Bengali/Hindi, Urdu, Polish, Indonesian, Turkish, Persian and Arabic.)

I see her shivering shaking
cause of all of the mess we are making
But I’m feeling my people awaken
And were headed in a new direction

I’ve started to change the things I buy, I’m making adjustments to my place
I know that change It starts inside, recycling, watching what I waste
And now my voice I use to shout, when these companies try wheel and deal,
Every atom’s weight of good will count, to ease pain that she feels

But I feel a wind of change blowing from heaven above
Let’s heal all the wounds and pain we’ve caused to


[chorus – in Zulu]

Naseeha ja’at min nabeena
Alayna an nahmeeha
Azrau shajarah
Takuno Sadaqa
Tajidu Baraka
Aqaluha Ashara

(Advice came from our Prophet
It is important to take care of the earth
Plant a tree, it will be like a charity
You will get reward, at least 10 times fold.)


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