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08 October 2015

Solo Projects

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So after three successful albums, “Deen You Know”, “Not Afraid to Stand Alone” and “The Remedy”, we were planning to do another album. However life got the better of us and after several years we decided to give each member the opportunity to work on a solo project. We had several reasons for doing this. The first reason was that our fans were eagerly waiting on new music from us and we wanted to provide something immediately. It is a great undertaking to do a full Native Deen album featuring the three of us. Having solo albums would be easier logistically and schedule-wise. Secondly, each of us has a unique style that we wanted to pursue. Solo albums enable us to stretch our creative wings and try things that we wouldn’t try on a Native Deen album. For Native Deen, we usually use percussion and synthesized sounds for our albums and performance. Naeem’s album “I love when you use your words” uses other instruments as well.

One we complete all three solo albums, we hope to have built enough momentum and creativity to release a final Native Deen album featuring all three members in the Native Deen style that you know and love. This is planned for release Fall 2017 inshallah. Make dua that we are able to accomplish our goals and meet the needs of our community.


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